Půl kila mletýho "Pound of Ground"
Screenshots from game - Some zombie models with textures, that made it into the game...

Půl kila mletýho "Pound of Ground"
Screenshots from game

( http://www.centauriproduction.com/pkm.php )

Shade - Wrath of Angels
Screenshots from "Shade - Wrath of Angels"

Shade - Wrath of Angels

This was a game I worked on since 2002 until 2004. Its third person hack'n'slash game.
All models there are very lowpoly as we used 2000 polygons for LOD_0.

Shade - Wrath of Angels
Model, visible wireframe and UV with texture...

( http://www.shade-game.com/ )

My vampire model, no zbrush or mudbox was used for this model, just quad modelling, ready to finish in Zbrush.

Not finished model of a demon, there are some bad looking areas on the model, sorry ;]

Balrog model, modelled in Lightwave, not finished...

Skaredy "Uglies"
These are hand made puppets for a short animated film I worked on with my friend at Film Studios Bonton Zlin.
The project was stopped due to lack of funds.

( http://www.sp2.cz/ )



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